Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Tide of Change

It was the best day of Ryan’s life.  Rockin’ out with the sickest group of musicians he’d ever met, he felt like he’d gone straight to heaven without the bloody, zombie-rampaging part in-between.  Finally, all the hours and days and months of practicing had paid off – big-time!  He - Ryan Francis Martin was the drummer for the “Wyld Stalyuns”   and he rocked at the only 2 things that mattered in this whole entire world, playing music and impressing Jessica Manley.  Coming off a wicked solo he smiled in the direction of the group of girls jumping in front of the school stage shouting “Ry-an, Ry-an!”   But his smile was meant for only one of them.
Then suddenly the chanting turned to “Get up, get up!” Jessica’s adoring face dissolved before him like a mirage in the desert and a hand was on his shoulder shaking him.  “Noooooo! Noooooo!  Leave me alone!” Ryan pulled the covers over his head and groaned, “I reeeeeally don’t want to get up!”