Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When you run out of steam, change gears!

Like my jet-lagged Irish gal pal, Mandy, I was "knackered" today.

One of those crazy nights of perhaps 3 hours sleep.  The walls  closed in on me as I pecked weakly away at my to-do list.  I eventually decided that if I could not be productive I would go out and enjoy the bright and lively day - perhaps some of it would rub off!  It was early afternoon so I grabbed my camera hoping to catch the water lilies in full bloom on Fairy Lake.  I was not disappointed! 

It is quite understandable how a single object can captivate enough to become an obsession.  That is how we become collectors.  That is how painters produce numerous studies and finished works of art upon a single subject - a woman, a scene or a flower.  That is why Claude Monet devoted so much of his creative genius to capturing his beloved water lilies on canvas.  I was certainly captivated by the water lilies today.  It was not a day to be confined within walls! 

Another man similarly captivated by an obsession was Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley (1865-1931).  An amazing man; he had a passionate enthusiasm for observing and recording the patterns of snowflakes.  In the infancy of photography, he adapted and innovated available technology to create the first camera capable of competently photographing a single snowflake.  His story and his images are remarkable - visit them here

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