Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Judi's Links to Live by...

I'm over 50 and I've just booked my first ever mammogram test.  I should have done that years ago; after all, my mother had breast cancer at my age.  I'm happy to say though, that she is a 25+ year survivor!  I find that life gets more and more precious with each advancing year and I'm becoming holistically proactive with my own health.  Here are some of my beliefs and practices  that contribute to both my actual and my perceived sense of well-being:

  • An age-specific multi-vitamin.  Specially designed for adults over 50, it contains extra amounts of minerals - particularly those vital to our immune systems - that our bodies do not have in adequate amounts as we age. 
  • Calcium plus vitamin D supplement. I want to entirely thwart the threat of osteoporosis.   
  • Daily weight-bearing activities to stregthen bones, like bike riding and yes - even housework!
  • A liquid Glucosamine Chondroitin supplement - this is supposed to be the "lube, oil, and filter" of the joints.
  • Aerobic exercise - I'm an "endorphin-junkie."  I crave the natural high that I get from being outside and active.  (Disclaimer - I can be as lazy as a sloth at times but not for too long before my head too, feels sluggish.)
  • I eat well - avoiding most processed foods, watching salt intake, additives and fat.
  • Doing and learning new things.  It's important for me to keep my mind strong and nimble - use it or lose it!  I read good books, I DON'T WATCH TV

    and I listen to new music all of the time - a brisk walk listening to Vivaldi gives me crystaline clarity and focus.  As I have elsewhere posted, "whenever I go out walking with a problem, I invariably return with a solution."

  • Being lenient with myself.  I give myself permission to discard my "rulebook" at will; after all, it's life I'm talking about not military service!
  • Meditate.  Just breathe!  I take a few moments every day and concentrate only on my breathing.  I concentrate on peace, grace and thankfulness.
  • Experience what it is to be someone's hero by giving your time to a child.  My favourite way is by reading to them.  We may take reading for granted but when you open a book with a small child, you are giving the gift of a foreign, exotic world to a hungry, impressionable mind.

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                    To our health!

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