Friday, June 25, 2010

The Weather Gods Beckoned - Again

Isn't today gorgeous!  Perfect days like this don't come often.  I went for a walk at noon; for a change taking no cell phone, MP3 player or camera.  I regretted leaving only my camera.  What photos I could have taken at Fairy Lake today.  Masses of white and yellow water lillies that would have enraptured Claude Monet!  Stunning as they were in their natural habitat I couldn't help thinking how charmingly they would have adorned my dining table floating in a large, clear bowl.   (that was my Martha Stewart moment of the day)

I made a turn around the track at Prospect park.  The grade school kids, teachers and parents were having a picnic day - play-in-the-sun, low-tech recreation straight out of Norman Rockwell.  I smiled - it was like walking through a movie set!
I met and old Beagle named Hank - really!  He was a good-natured old boy.  He'd just allowed himself to be loved to death by a "Newfie" dog in the leash-free park and didn't mind me patting him in the least.  He reminded me of my Beagle, "Candy Girl," from way, way back.

Making my way out of the park, I headed towards the wooden  bridge that crosses the creek leading into the lake.  It's a beautiful view from there - parks on both sides, natural vegetation all around, geese, ducks, frogs and the occassional rabbit.  There I saw one stunning water lilly on it's own.  I stopped close to another observer - a young boy.   After a few moments, I looked at the boy realizing I knew him.  It was "Carl" who used to be on my bus route.  The school board pulled him off my route to transport him privately.  He had extreme behaviour issues.  He was the only child - and that, after only 1 day - that I ever wanted to walk out on my job for.  After a few days though, he became my favourite kid.  We hit it off when he boarded one day with a book in hand and we discovered a common interest.  He told me he loved to read - read a couple of books a week and spoke fluently about them.  He told me too, that he made, edited and uploaded videos - another commone interest!  After that day we never had a problem and conversed to the exclusion of the other 2 riders.  When the school board realized that he was travelling with other kids they yanked him from my route.  I was rather upset.

I continued through the soccer pitch and "Max's Garden" at rotary park.  It's a lovely nook maintained by my gardener, artist friend, Elizabeth.  I have unofficially provided some garden maintenance there too!  That was my way of justifying the plant divisions I made to propogate my own garden! You can't "stop and smell the flowers" too often before you get the urge to pluck a few of them!

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