Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let's Call it "GOOF"

Food Diary - Thursday, August 5th.

  7:00 AM - Brekky of champions - Protein shake with a liberal dose of strawberries, blueberries, banana and soy milk
  9:00 AM - Grabbed the yellow plum on the counter that had "Judi" written on it
12:30 PM - After gardening, house cleaning and keyboard tapping, - Cottage cheese with strawberries and bananas and another glass of soy milk, oh, and 2 whole wheat saltine crackers,(munched while wondering about their sodium content.)
12:40 PM - Single dose mult-vitamin supplement, double dose calcium and vitamin D supplement, single does chondroitin something-or-other that's good for the          joints supplement.
  • At this point, Stomach says to Head, "C'mon now, are we really happy with this "health" deal?"
  • Head replies, "We'll be healthy or die trying!"
  • Stomach counters, weakly,  "there are laws against this!"
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM - Between on-going housework (not a typical day!) and keyboard tapping, Stomach is languishing in gustatory angst and considering mutiny.  Head, not insensitive to the feelings of her constant companion resolves to make amends...

Out comes a cookbook - "simply Indian" - sweet and spicy recipes from India, Pakistan and East Africa."  It's time to cook REAL food! (But GOOD food!)

I love cook books.  I own dozens and have given away as many as I still own.  I like to spread the "cooking word" to newbies!  I flipped through a few pages, looked at some pretty pictures then put the book back on the shelf.  I don't follow recipes very often any more.  I opened up my cupboards and pulled out:     

  • a bag of red lentils  (Right click on any links and select "open in a new window" for lots of great nutrition info)
  • white rice
  • 1 onion
  • frozen peas and carrots
  • small bit of cooked beef leftovers from freezer
  • turmeric
  • curry masala
  • butter
  • salt (just a smidge!)
What I did with it:

Sauteed the chopped onion in butter, added lentils to toast, added peas and carrots, rice, spice and sliced beef and water.  Brought to a boil, reduced heat to simmer for 15 minutes.  It was done.  The house smelled "spicy"  and Stomach was friends with Head again.

I call this creation "GOOF" after my old neighbourhood restaurant in the Toronto Beaches.  The GOOF, (not it's real name) sat for years with a defective sign that, fully-lit would have read "GOOD FOOD" but  due to poor maintenance read "GOO    F     "  Nobody remembered its real name; to everyone in the "hood" it was just known as "The Goof."

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