Friday, July 16, 2010

Because the Nose Knows!

I often end up sewing my own curtains.  I enjoy hunting for the design, colour and fabric that says “yes” to me.  If I’m tackling a decorating project from “square one,”  I like to begin with a small detail – an object, a colour or a fabric that hits me with immediate resonance and inspires me to build around it.  When I take hold of such an image – or more accurately, when that image takes hold of me – I know that I am following my nose; it’s an instinct in which I’ve come to have great faith – my inner GPS.  

The same principle holds true for shopping.  I shop in 1 of 2 different ways; I either plan my wardrobe requirements around a season or an event or more often than not, I come home with a scarf, necklace or pair of shoes that shouted to me, “Hey! You can’t leave this store without ME!”  My system works like a charm.  Blind intuition has stocked my drawers and closets with an array of mix and match clothes and accessories that make it fairly easy to put together something a bit “new” when need be.
A lot more is at stake here than window treatments and fashion accessories!  My earlier, “unenlightened” life found me in a bad marriage and the wrong career because I heeded the voices of others.  It was a painful experience for me out of which I’ve grown, learned and moved on. 
I learned that an ill-fitting shoe can blister your “sole,”
but an ill-fitting life will blister your “soul!”
Most of life’s regrets can be avoided if you commit to yourself by following your nose:
Ø  Make friends with people who make you feel good
Ø  Pursue your own dreams
Ø  Trust in your own judgement
Ø  Listen to your heart
Practice these things faithfully and you will meet your destiny with peace, happiness and success!

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