Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Skip the meds!

Not too long ago I blogged about personal growth and self-help books.  I've been giving them more than a casual nod recently and have enthusiastically followed some of their suggestions - like meditating, clearing space in the mind and inviting "consciousness" - a "graceful" state of being.  It's been a few weeks now - and I'm getting ANTSY!  Peace and grace may be normal for Tibetan monks but they're pretty darned alien compared to anything that I'm accustomed to.  While I'm all for momentary tranquility trips when reeling from one of life's traumas, I don't crave the pallid panacea of the prozac plane that is the ultimate destination of these recommended paths.  "Nice" is ... nice; but have you ever thought about what it would be like for an eternity?  It would be H - E - L - L!!  Arghhhhh!  It would be like being at a bridal shower for the rest of your life!! 

And what about "quieting the inner voices" and being in the present?  I think that that should be left to choice and discretion.  Admitedly, sometimes those voices get in the way of getting the job done but  I, myself, have a particular fondness for those voices.  They inform me, they amuse me, and they challenge me.  They speak of possibilities and show me different ways of viewing things - visions of all kinds that make of an otherwise dull existence a world of wonders!   One thing that I can happily carry away from my self-help reading is the key to recognizing negative internal chatter and being able to silence it, but I would no more wish to clear the room of all of the other wonderful voices that populate my mind and entertain me than I would to turn my back on my best friend.  Like another blogger recently admonished, "be drunken!"

If it is peace that I seek, it is of an "end of the day," "put your head on the pillow and sleep" variety not a cloud-9, 24/7, vacuous construction or evasion of life that's equivalent to flat-lining.  My highs and lows tell me that I am alive and living emphatically. My inner voices conjure up brilliant inner images when the outer ones are just too damned inane to acknowledge.

I'm returning my library books - on time, and continuing with my latest read, "East of Eden!" 

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